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01/26/2010 08:35

I have been on the line since the latter part of December 2009 and it has been a blessing to me and my family. I had basically given up on church and need more. I cried to mu pastor for mentoring because i had began to have many dreams that i did not understand but i knew they had prophetic meaning but i was ignored. I have experienced alot of warfare in my life from a early age. the enemy has been trying to kill the prophetic voice in not only my life but many family members as well. what I do know is that when there is a prophetic call on your life the enemy sends jezebel spirits to assasinate your character and silence your voice. thanks for having the courage to step out and do a new thing. see you at the encounter!

Apostle Royal
04/09/2010 07:04

Hi Apostle Hill and Lady Hill: I was just introduced to the prayer line just a couple of weeks ago. And been that I knew I was called into the "Five Fold Ministry" for many years now, but hadn't had the chance to come forth and let the gifts and calling of GOD flow as they should. I'm Truly Thankful for your obedience to the vision GOD gave You. Even as a little girl GOD has always gave me "Dreams and Visions" That I believe because of this line gives countless ones "now" the opportunity to grow in these gifts and callings from GOD. I'm also a actress and comedian, but most important is where ever GOD places me if HE opens a door to somebody heart to recieve HIS WORD, I'M JUST A CONDUIT, A VESSEL for GOD, "MEET FOR THE MASTER'S USE" to MINISTER THROUGH!!! PRAISE GOD FOR CHRIST JESUS AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU***

Apostle Royal
04/11/2010 09:24

This is another "THANK YOU" note: First to "GOD" FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT!!! and also APOSTLE HILL AND LADY HILL FOR THIS LINE, To "EVERYONE" that allows GOD to minster in and through them as well!!!!!!!! This morning "Again" Apostle Hill came on the Bridge to extend an invitation to "Whomever's" willing to be " A Vessel" that GOD can flow through. I TRULY CAN'T SAY ENOUGH FOR WHAT GOD HAS SET UP FOR HIS PEOPLE THROUGH THEM AND THEIR LOVE AND OBEDIENCE!!!!! AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH, A PLACE TO RECIEVE A WORD, HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND SO MUCH MORE........... THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU***

Apostle Royal
04/12/2010 18:49

I know I've talked more about the prayer line than about myself. That's because I'm So Grateful for what I see the LORD doing here. But while I've been waiting on The LORD for this opportunity to be able to flow more freely in these gifts I've been more so in the highways and byways trying to bring hope to the down trodden and the outcast, those that didn't seem to have hope. I believe I too was a colt JESUS was in need of to go into satan's domains to snatch souls out of the devil's grasp. I had a very prosperous business which I gave up to answer this call. HE asked who shall HE send? I said here am I, LORD send me! {Is.6} And HE DID. Places I had no idea I would be going, to set the captives FREE!! So I would say most of my life has been lived as "A living Sacrifice, mostly in places a lot of So called Christians wouldn't go {Rom.12:1} JESUS was our GREATEST EXAMPLE. And we are told to pick up our "Cross" and Follow HIM. SO NOW IT'S RESURRECTION TIME. PRAISE GOD!!!


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